How Delta-9 Cannabis Makes You Happy? Ending Depression & Living Again

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You dedicated your life to an organization but got laid off!

You lost the love of your life in an unfortunate accident!

You used life savings to run your dream start-up but went bankrupt!

Life is cruel and it tests you in every different way. Motivators say – Shit happens! Move on and rebuild! But only you know how hard it is. Events like these are traumatic and can leave you monotonous, mentally drained, and depressed.

In extreme cases, you lose hope of life, and prefer spending time in isolation. Can some magic happen? Is it possible to live life again with vigour? Indeed, bad things just happen.

What if, you can consume something that can lift your mood, end your depression, and make you “normal” again. Mother Earth never fails to surprise you!

In this exclusive creation by News of GTA, we will tell you how consuming Delta 9 THC can make you cheerful again. Let’s delve deeper.

What is Delta 9 THC?

Have you ever seen a cannabis (marijuana) plant? Yes, that little green color plant has several identified chemicals. Two out of them are famous for their psychoactive effect on the human body. These are:

  • Cannabidiol (CBD)
  • Tetra-hydro-cannabinol (THC), which can be further divided into:
    • Delta 8 THC
    • Delta 9 THC

Out of the three chemicals mentioned above, Delta 9 THC is the strongest and creates long-lasting psychoactive effects. Also, it kicks in comparatively earlier. The below diagram shows the chemical structure of a typical compound of Delta 9 THC:

How Delta 9 THC Makes You Happy? – Learn Scientifically

Do you know how we feel happiness? Let us understand the natural process first.


  • Our brain is divided into several parts.
  • One of it is mid-brain, which has a specific location known as – Ventral Tegmental Area (VTA).
  • The VTA is responsible for producing and releasing a special hormone known as “dopamine”.
  • The released dopamine is carried via “dopamine pathways”, especially “mesolimbic pathways”, to another specific area called “nucleus accumbens”.
  • This area is directly associated with producing the feelings of pleasure, satisfaction, and motivation.

What happens when we feel sad?

When you feel sad, the VTA fails to produce the requisite quantity of “dopamine”. As a result, a lesser quantity is carried to “nucleus accumbens”, which consequently is not able to create feelings of happiness.

Ultimately, we feel sad and when this cycle of monotony continues for a longer period, we enter into “depression”.

How Delta 9 THC Helps?

To overturn the cycle of monotony, you need an uplifting event, which would direct VTA to produce enough quantities of dopamine. But what if such an event never happens? Are you destined to remain depressed? – The answer is a big NO.

Delta 9 THC, a psychoactive component of marijuana plant can fill the void, and make you feel happy. Understand the process below:


  • A person feels sad, due to inferior quantities of dopamine produced by Ventra Tegmental Area (VTA)
  • Delta 9 THC binds with the CB1 receptor found in the Central Nervous System
  • Post this, it directs the VTA to produce and release enough “dopamine”
  • This released dopamine is carried by mesolimbic pathways to nucleus accumbens, which in turn creates feelings of happiness, satisfaction, and motivation.

Delta 9 THC is a natural metabolite, which is proven to create euphoric effect.

It is available in various forms. The common ones include:

  • Vape cartridges
  • Gummies
  • Chocolate Bars, etc.
  • Tea & Coffee

Is Delta 9 THC Legal in Ontario?

A landmark legislation passed on October 2018 made the recreational use of cannabis legal in Canada. Currently, anyone who is above 18 years of age can consume Delta 9 based products for recreational purposes.

As per the current legislation, a cannabis product must not contain more than 10mg of THC in a package. The discrete units that are supposed to be inhaled must not have more than 1 gram of THC.

News of GTA condemns the abuse of cannabis in any form or manner. We are a hyper-local news-based media agency covering all the latest developments in the Greater Toronto Area. Besides, we write educational blogs and articles.  

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