Is Toronto a Safe City to Live In 2023? Learn Via Charts and Graphs

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Fourth largest in North America with a moderate level of crime – Toronto is a safe city. “The Economist” in 2017 did a survey on 60 cities and ranked Toronto 24th considering “safety” as a parameter. However, times changed, and in 2018, Toronto overtook New York in terms of homicide rates.

Are you planning to move to Toronto? Understand how safe the city is. Below is a list of the top 10 crimes that happened in Toronto in 2022:

Know about the top 10 crimes and the 4 most violent places in Toronto in 2022. Image Credit: ProSofos Inc.

Let’s delve deeper into the numbers. Below is the crime data for the past 5 years. Learn from charts how safe Toronto is.

Robbery, Sexual Assault & Auto Theft (2018-2022)

*The stats are taken from Toronto Police Service – Public Safety Data Portal.

Shootings and Firearm Discharges in Toronto from 2018-2022

*The stats are taken from Toronto Police Service – Public Safety Data Portal

Number of Homicides from 2017-2021

*The stats are taken from and

Toronto World Rankings

Final Words – Is Toronto Safe?

As per Safe Cities Index 2019, Toronto ranked at the sixth place only behind Tokyo, Singapore, Osaka, Amsterdam, and Sydney. When it comes to personal security and digital security, Toronto again featured in the top 10 and ranked 8th and 9th respectively.

Indeed, Toronto is safe. All the incidents of crime are decreasing year on year. With ample high-income job opportunities, one of the best standards of living, and decreasing crime rate – Toronto could be your best bet.

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