Which Canadian province is the most immigrant-friendly in 2023? Learn via Graphics and Charts

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Very low crime rate, excellent job opportunities, and a high standard of living – Canada is the first choice for most immigrants. The country supports multiculturalism and welcomes more than 400,000 immigrants every year.

Do you know the most-immigrant friendly provinces? Check out below.

Ontario is the most immigration friendly province. It accommodated 227,235 immigrants in 2022.

What do the stats tell?

In the year 2021-22, a total of 492,984 immigrants arrived in Canada. Let us see the acceptance ratio of each province:

Chart showing all the Canadian provinces with individual percentage of immigrants accommodated in 2022.

What can we observe?

  • Ontario accommodated 227,235 immigrants with an acceptance ratio of 46%
  • The next best acceptance ratio was of British Columbia. It accommodated 83,200 immigrants with an acceptance ratio of 16.90%
  • Next, Quebec accommodated 62,798 immigrants with an acceptance ratio of 12.74%

Clearly, Ontario ranks first when it comes to being the most immigrant-friendly province. It has 52 cities with the most populous being Toronto and the least populous being Dryden.

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