Can you apply for the job offer under OINP Foreign Worker Stream? – All Latest Eligibility Requirements 2023

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Congratulations on receiving an invitation to apply (ITA) under the OINP foreign worker stream. But are you eligible to apply? Do you know there are several conditions to be met to get your application approved?

News of GTA focuses on making you immigration-ready. Know about the different requirements of section 5 of Ontario Regulation 422/17.

Applicant Requirements

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You applied for a job offer under the Foreign Worker Stream. Your application will be approved when you satisfy all the requirements mentioned below:

1. How should be your work experience?

It must be:

  • Paid
  • For two consecutive years
  • Full-time or equivalent part-time
  • In the same occupation mentioned in the NOC Code of job offer

Understanding the Terms

Terms Meaning
  • You must have received remuneration for your services
  • Any unpaid (voluntary or social work) work experience will not be counted
Two Consecutive Years
  • The total work done by you must be two years
  • There is no requirement for two years of continuous work
  • You must have worked for 30 hours a week
  • This amounts to 3,120 hours of work in 2 years
Equivalent part-time


  • If you are working in one job:
    • You must have worked 15 hours a week for four years
    • This amounts to 3,120 hours of total work experience
  • If you are working in more than one job:
    • You must have worked 30 hours a week for two years
    • This amounts to 3,120 hours of total work experience

 What are “eligible interruptions” while calculating “Equivalent Part Time”?

  • You are not required to reduce your period of work experience by:
    • Vacation periods
    • Regular sick leaves
    • Standard paid leave entitlements
  • However, any period of “extended leaves” must not be considered while calculating the work experience

What is the time limit?

You must gain the above work experience within five years before the date you apply.

What are the conditions related to the requirement of a mandatory license or any other authorization?

  • If your job offer relates to an occupation requiring you to have any mandatory license or any other authorization:
    • Then you must possess the same at the time of submission of the application
    • It must be issued by an appropriate regulatory body in Ontario
  • Whereas, if there is no such requirement of any license or authorization, you must:
    • Prove, or otherwise demonstrate that you have related work experience
    • The work experience must be for the same occupation as mentioned in the NOC code of your job offer

Is self-employment considered?

Yes, you can count your periods of self-employment as work experience. But you will be required to prove it through third-party documents. These can include:

  • Reference letters received from the client. These letters must show:
    • The duties you performed and
    • Periods for which you worked
  • Evidence of payments received for services provided. For example, invoices.

Important: Your period of self-employed must not be less than 3,120 hours in two years.

2. You Intend to Live in Ontario

After gaining permanent residence, you intend to live in Ontario. Your “intention to live” is checked by examining the following:

  • You are working in Ontario or have worked any time before
  • You are applying to local Ontario job vacancies and giving interviews
  • You are visiting, studying, or volunteering in Ontario
  • You are leasing or owning a property in Ontario
  • You are having ties or relationships in Ontario. It includes:
    • Professional networks
    • Affiliations
    • Family ties
    • Personal relationships, etc.

3. Additional Requirements

  • You applied to the “invitation to apply” before the mentioned deadline
  • You proved that you have the requisite qualifications, which you stated in the “Expression of Interest”
  • When you apply for a job offer while living in Canada – You must have a temporary status document, which includes:
    • Visitor Record
    • Study Permit
    • Work Permit

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