What is an OINP Foreign Worker Job Offer? All Latest Conditions 2023

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In Ontario Immigration Nominee Program (OINP), you can apply under the Foreign Worker Stream to permanently live and work in Ontario. It is one of the best immigration streams for skilled workers. However, you must have an eligible job offer.

Do you know what this job offer looks like? Well, certain eligibility requirements are mentioned in Section 4 of Ontario Regulation 422/17 and the Employer Guide.

Let us discuss all of them and increase your immigration chances.


  • For your job offer to be valid – it must satisfy five different conditions
  • Your job must be permanent and be of full-time nature
  • You must do a notified occupation mentioned under TEER categories 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • You are getting a pay higher than or equal to the median wage
  • Your job is urgently necessary to the employer’s business
  • You will primarily work in Ontario

Eligibility Requirements of an OINP Foreign Worker Job Offer

Condition I: You Job is Permanent and Full-Time

To be eligible under the Foreign Worker Stream – your employer must send you a job offer that belongs to a position that is:

  • Permanent:
    • Your job must be of indeterminate duration. That is, any end date must not be mentioned in your job offer
    • You are expected to work for an infinite period
    • All contractual, temporary, and seasonal job offers are ineligible
  • Full-time:
    • You must be doing a job that requires you to work for:
      • 30 hours a week and
      • 1,560 hours in a year

Important – Any job offer despite being full-time and permanent, will not be considered if – the job offer affects the employment of a person involved in a labor dispute.

Condition II: Your Job Belongs to Notified Occupations

The job offer must be for a job that belongs to occupations mentioned in the TEER (Training, Education, Experience, Responsibilities) categories as notified under the 2021 National Occupational Classification (NOC).

Latest TEER Categories (with examples)

TEER Categories Type of Occupation Job Examples (only for reference)
0 Occupations that are related to management financial Financial managers, Public relations managers, Advertising, Marketing
1 Occupations that require – University Degree Financial advisors, Software engineers
2 Occupations that require –

  • College Diploma
  • Apprenticeship Training (2 or more years) or
  • Supervisory
Web Technicians, Computer Network Technicians, Medical Laboratory Technologists
3 Occupations that require –

  • College Diploma
  • Apprenticeship Training (less than two years) or
  • On-the-job training (more than six months)
Bakers, Dental Assistants, Laboratory Assistants
4 Occupations that require –

  • High-school Diploma
  • On-the-job training (several weeks)
Home childcare providers, Salespersons (retail), Visual merchandisers,
5 Occupations that require –

  • No formal education
  • Short-term work demonstration
Landscaping laborers, Door-to-door distributors, Delivery drivers

Condition III: Your Job Is Equal to or Higher Than the Median Wage

For your job offer to be validyou must be getting the pay equal to or higher than the median wage level of the occupation you will enter into.

For example,

  • You have received a job offer for a Financial Manager (NOC 11100), and you will be working in Toronto.
  • Your median per-hour wage rate is $56.79
  • Since you are required to work for at least 1,560 hours in a year – your job offer must show an annual salary not less than $88,592.40

How to find the median wage of your occupation?

  • Go to the website –
  • Either enter the Job Title or search via City/Postal Code
  • Click on “Search”, and you will get three different hourly rates – Low, Median, and High for different Canadian communities/ areas
  • Look for the median wage in the region where you will be working

When median wage is not available?

If the median wage for the region where you work is not available – you must refer to the Ontario wage and calculate the median wage for your occupation accordingly.

Calculation of Hourly Wage

Your job offer might likely have an annual salary. In this case, you must calculate an hourly wage rate following these steps:

Steps What to do?
I Reduce your annual salary with bonuses and discretionary benefits
II Divide the amount received in Step I by 52 weeks
III Divide the amount received in Step II by the number of hours you are supposed to work (it can’t be less than 30 hours)

Other Related Points

  • The job offer must offer you a payment higher than your current pay (if you are currently working). You must meet this condition in addition to meeting the criterion of the median wage
  • Ignore any remuneration that you will get under the following heads:
    • Bonus
    • Commission
    • Vacation Pay
    • Non-financial compensation
    • Piece work

Condition IV: Your Job Position is Urgently Necessary

By the term “urgently necessary”, it is meant that:

  • Your employer needs your job position to maintain or grow his business activities
  • Your job position is necessary for and aligned with your employer’s business

Condition V: Job Location – Ontario

As part of your job – you must primarily work in the province of Ontario.

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