What is Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP)? Meaning, Streams, Eligibility, and More

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Over the last several decades, Canada is suffering from critical labor shortages. To overcome this mess, it relies on various immigration programs. OINP is one such program started by the province of Ontario to meet the skill shortages by inviting immigrants.



  • Launched in 2007, OINP currently nominates about 8,000 immigrants each year
  • It has two types of streams: Base streams and Enhanced streams
  • The candidates applying under OINP are given CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score
  • Highest scoring candidates receive an invitation to apply (ITA) for the permanent residence

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) – Meaning

OINP is also known as Ontario PNP (Provincial Nominee Program). It is an immigration program. The province of Ontario uses it to call immigrants to do local jobs in specified streams. Under this process:

  • Job offers, usually pre-approved, are issued to the immigrants
  • They are nominated for the status of permanent resident

Through OINP, the provincial government of Ontario supports local businesses by offering them access to a global talent pool. The primary motive of this immigration program is to promote and improve the overall state of business affairs prevailing in the Ontarian economy.

What are the different types of OINP Streams?

To gain the status of a permanent resident under OINP, you must apply under its different streams. Know which stream is relevant to you and when you must apply under it:

Category I: You have a job offer in Ontario

Type of Stream When to Apply?
Foreign-worker stream ·         You are a foreign worker

·         You are skilled

·         You have a job offer in Ontario

International Student Stream ·         You graduated recently

·         You have a job offer in Ontario

In-demand Skill Stream ·         You are a foreign worker

·         You are skilled in an in-demand occupation

·         You have a job offer in Ontario

Category II: You were a student at Ontario University and have a Master’s or Ph.D. degree

Type of Stream When to Apply?
Masters Graduate Stream ·         You have a master’s degree from an Ontario University
Ph.D. Graduate Stream ·         You have a Ph.D. degree from an Ontario University

*It must be noted that Category I and II operate via the OINP Expression of Interest System. To apply under these categories – the candidates are required to:

  • Register for an expression of interest
  • Receive an invitation to apply under these streams

Category III: You have skills and experience that are needed by employers in Ontario

The streams mentioned under Category III, are run and managed by the federal government through Express Entry System.

To qualify under these streams, you need to have:

  • An express entry profile
  • Notification of interest from the province of Ontario
Type of Stream When to Apply?
Human Capital Priorities Stream
  • You possess the requisite:
    • a)       Work experience
    • b)      Educational qualifications
    • c)       Language abilities
Skilled Trades Stream
  • You are a foreign worker
  • You have Ontario work experience
  • You are skilled in an eligible trade
French-speaking Skilled Worker Stream
  • You are a foreign worker
  • You speak French
  • You have strong English-language abilities

Category IV: Entrepreneur Stream

  • This is the last stream under which you can migrate to Canada
  • For this, you need to:
    • Set up a new business in the province of Ontario
    • Buy an existing business located in Ontario
  • This stream is also operated through the system of “Expression of Interest”
  • The candidates applying under this stream are required to:
    • Register an expression of interest
    • Receive an invitation to apply

Why can immigrants choose Ontario?


Home to about 40% of the total Canadian population – Ontario is Canada’s most populous province.  Given the ample availability of high-income job opportunities, a better standard of living, and greater population diversity – It is the first choice for most immigrants.

  • Ontario has a share of 37% of the national GDP of Canada
  • About 50% of the employees of knowledge-intensive industries reside in Ontario
  • In 2021, Ontario accommodated close to 50% of the immigrants
  • There is ample availability of real estate for the immigrants
  • The unemployment rate is low
  • There are higher chances of securing a high-paying job

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